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Open Letter to Dirk Haire, Chair, MD GOP

Open Letter to Dirk Haire, Chair, MDGOP, by Bo Jacobson

Re: STOP THE STEAL — Support Free and Fair Elections

The word has gotten out about your and MDGOP’s maneuver to disqualify Ms. Gordana Schifanelli, the Republican Lt. Governor Nominee in 2022, from running for the Chair of the MDGOP. 

Her nomination was ambiguously ruled to have NOT been received on time. 

I say “maneuver”, for your amateurish disqualification move was broadcast to a number of Republican officials at least a week prior to the public announcement — “this is how it is going to be handled” was the word. It reeks of sleaze worthy of the Democratic Party smoke filled rooms of the days past and, apparently, MDGOP’s present. 

Choosing NOT to support the candidates of our party, as you and the MDGOP elected to do this past election cycle, speaks for itself. You lost Congressional seats that were winnable by pushing unqualified insiders (District 2, for example), and some 11 legislative seats in addition to that. The Party under your/Hogan/Harris leadership has been decimated — it is no longer a party — it is a playground for the personal ambitions of certain players and THEIR (your) WIVES. 

I would say shame on you, but I don’t find you worthy of those words. 

I’ve read the MDGOP Bylaws and I cannot find any provision that justifies your actions. 

I would like to draw your attention to the recent court rulings which extend standing to parties without individualized injury in election related suits. I’m looking into it. The corruption of the MDGOP, especially in the last eight years is becoming legendary, or comedic, take your pick.

I believe it is you, not Ms. Schifanelli, who is out of order. We have a candidate fresh off the campaign trail who is in touch with the sentiments of the electorate and who is ready and willing to inject some life into this giant dying ELEPHANT in the room. 

GOP in Maryland IS DEAD, and you and Hogan have killed it — for personal benefit/glorification, nonetheless. And what is your next move? To try and install another “wife” in the corridors of power. Don’t cry for me Argentina, Maryland! 

I strongly suggest that you revisit your corrupt decision. We are (were?) Republicans who have traditionally stood for dignity and meritocracy. You have shown yourself obviously lacking in one and seemingly frightened of the other. 

For the record: I’m not associated with the Schifanelli ticket/candidacy. I only hope there is enough fight left in the Republican Party to stand up to this despotism and corruption inside our our own party. Time to wake up. Hogan is popular because he is popular with the Democrats. Ever asked yourself why? Hogan endorsed 6 candidates in 2022. They all lost. Let’s all think about that for a moment and what that means going forward, especially when it comes to our own Party’s leadership. 

Thank you for your time, 

B. Jacobson

Montgomery County, MD

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