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Open Letter to the Republican Central Committees

From Gordana Schifanelli, Esq.
Candidate for MDGOP Chair

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result.

Our MD GOP has spent years trickling down in membership, excitement about the republicans in the community, creativity and new ideas that can respond to ever changing means and manners in which the Democrats win elections.

Republicans had an exceptional field of new and high quality candidates from Congressional down to the central committee and board of education levels while the Democrat candidates won regardless of their inferiority in knowledge, reputation and experience. In fact, a Democrat candidate won albeit dead! Some candidates won with clear mental and physical challenges.

We as Republicans will never win another election if we continue to recycle the same old politicians over and over again while smearing the character of anyone new who tries to help.

We have seen the cowardly behaviors of those who we trusted for the highest office. They have further denigrated the reputation of our Republican Party and themselves.

Democrats don’t behave this way. They understand that their unity is stronger than personal tantrums or narcissism of those who think they deserve the crown- I mean- the office and political power.

The reason I agreed when asked to run for the MD GOP is because YOU wanted me to run. I have received hundreds of calls from the people asking me to stay involved and to help. That was the biggest testament to me that I am doing the right thing and that my demeanor and respect to everyone can be helpful for our future.

I have moved parents across the State and worked tirelessly to win the Republican Primary. My candidates I have endorsed have won the critical races for the school boards and the County Executive in Wicomico County. I am congratulating them all and cannot be more proud of them.

It was my idea to put Maryland on the map as a new member of the National Republican Lawyer Association which helped us secure attorneys on call to assist with voter integrity issues during the Election Day.

The attorneys have resolved over 48 different election integrity, precinct disputes and other voter related issues free of charge to anyone.

YOU saw me at work.
YOU challenged me with your questions.
YOU vetted me as a candidate.
YOU asked for help and I helped.

When I spoke to you I told you that YOU are all worth it.

YOU are the future of our party.

Now it is your turn to decide whether you want to do business as usual or make the meaningful change.

As an Attorney, I can ensure you that I will enforce compliance with the MD GOP By-laws.

Practically, my ideas are endless.
I want young students and people from numerous republican organizations with us at the decision making table.

I want to see new fundraising drives and membership drive.

We all need to be better connected and meeting monthly (even via zoom) instead of annually.

I want us to understand what works and what doesn’t in order to prepare for the future elections.

Therefore, I want to make the meaningful and substantial changes only for the benefit of everyone.

The Unity Team has worked tirelessly to bring fresh start and clean vision.

Whatever you decide I will be content with. I know I gave it all.

In the next few days I will be calling you to meet with you again and hear your ideas. I will appreciate the feedback.

We are all Republicans and Americans. If we choose to do great things we will do so. If we don’t, we won’t. We saw the outcome of the latter.


Gordana Schifanelli, Esq

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