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What Happened to the “Red Wave”

2022 Gubernatorial Elections are behind us.

The Republican candidates in Maryland lost equally bad as candidates in any other part of the country. Dan Cox lost an opportunity to restore freedom in Maryland. Lee Zeldin fought and failed to restore law and order in New York; Tudor Dixon,who exposed Governor Witmer’s disastrous performance during and after Covid-19, lost an opportunity to change Michigan for the better. Doug Mastriano lost the chance to help rural and economically crushed Pennsylvanians.

If there’s any solace then it’s worth reminding everyone that Brian Kemp saved Georgia from Stacy Abrams and Sarah Huckabee Sanders became the first woman Governor of Arkansas. Florida remained free and welcomed Republicans fleeing from Democrat run states.

The Arizona election debacle is still unfolding. Mail-in ballots are still outstanding to be counted. 

Democrat Kattie Hobbs leads by 0.6 points against Republican Kari Lake in the Arizona gubernatorial race. No one could predict that. Kari Lake ran an impeccable campaign. Her composure, demeanor and talent should have resonated loudlyand clearly and her victory should have been in a landslide. 

The predicted “Red Wave” did not happen.

While more than 49% of people in Democrat and Republicans run exit polls said that the economy/inflation is one of their major concerns, followed by the war in Ukraine, immigration, crime and education, the voters did not vote based on the issues they claimed they were concerned about.

During the 2020 election, 63% of the voters claimed that Covid was their major concern but voted against Trump who broughtthe Covid vaccine under his Emergency Use Authorization Act. This only assisted Democrats in continuing to force the shutdowns and mandate the vaccine that has not stopped the transmission of the virus or provided a cure from the virus. 

Those who received three jabs continue to get sick, but this outcome is not attached to Biden’s administration equally.Blaming Trump for the virus itself or Covid deaths continued,even though more Covid deaths happened during the Biden Administration and in Democrat run states than under Trump. 

By now we all know that Media is the extended arm of the Democrat party and progressive narrative. But if we all know this, why is the media still running the narrative and why is the outcome so unreasonable or unexplainable?

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 56% of respondents said, “It’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 41% who say it’s ‘very likely.’”

What happened in 2022?

Mail-in ballots continue to show skewed data. For an example in Maryland, the Cox/Schifanelli Republican ticket received 44,450 votes from the mail-in ballots while Moore received 223,588. 

Many commentators blame the “Trump effect”. However, the reality is very different. While Cox embraced Trump, NicoleeAmbrose, Maryland’s Republican Chairwomen and Congressional Candidate to unseat Dutch Ruppersberger embraced Larry Hogan, the self-proclaimed “most favored” and most “moderate” Maryland Governor who fundraiser for Ambrose and tried to a 20-year democrat Congressman. 

Whether Trump or Hogan endorsed, Republican candidates for State and National offices lost. Republican Yuripzy Morgan, Hogan favorite, also lost in trying to unseat the son of the former Democrat Congressman Paul Sarbanes. Clearly, the name recognition ensured that John Sarbanes inherited his father’s seat in Congress. Most voters at the exit polls had no knowledge of the difference between the two. 

The Red wave didn’t happen because Millennials are not interested in politics. Millennials give a +23 point lead to Democrats.

They mostly do not follow politics and don’t answer exit polls. They vote Democrat down the ballot. Their issues are climate change and abortion. They do not mind universal income, Bernie Sanders free college and universal healthcare.

The economy for Millenials is an abstract issue: they work on-line, love remote learning and remote working. They have spent their entire lives in government run schools and have low ability to think “politics”. They all want “clean” energy but do not understand that 79% of all energy comes from fossil fuels. 

Many millennials will inherit some wealth from their baby-boomer parents and have some cushion that gives them comfort to lean towards “socialism” and social issues. 

The Republican message of “restoring freedom” is as abstract to the American Millennials as is Mona Lisa’s smile. 

It’s clear that America is running on parallel tracks and convergence is unlikely. 

Republicans must stop, assess and reflect what they said, did and didn’t do and why their message doesn’t reach Millennials. Only then one can understand what happened to the “red wave”.

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