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Lieutenant Governor Republican Nominee Statement to the Press

Republican Lieutenant Governor Nominee Gordana Schifanelli strongly condemns the political activism in Maryland public schools that led to the catastrophic loss of learning in all subject areas, including in mathematics, language arts and critical thinking skills.

Maryland Public Schools have been for many years an experimental lab for political ideologies. The sharp decline in testing scores are not due to Covid-19 alone. That is, Maryland test scores have been in sharp decline since 2013, and the Covid-19 shut downs only exacerbated these already declining test scores. These test scores are evidence of gross negligence by the State Board of Education and Maryland State Educator’s Association which have become political advocacy groups for the Democrat party and their progressive platforms.

As your Lieutenant Governor I will work on getting political activism out of all Maryland public school systems and restoring the public schools as places of learning, critical thinking, and diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Our children must not be used for political activism regardless of who or what party holds office. Our children need to learn math, proper English grammar in order to express themselves clearly, foreign languages, and logic that will serve them throughout their lives.  

It is up to the parents during this election season to fix the broken leadership in our schools and elect local Board of Education members who will lead by common sense and who will have the best interests of our students in mind, and not the interests of political activists.

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