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QAC Board of Education Winners

Last night the League of Women Voters had their traditional candidate forum for the Queen Anne’s County Board of Education. The clear winners are Alexis Capes running for the “at-large” position and Chris Blanton, running for District 1.

Their opponents are Shannon Bent running against Chris Blanton at District 1 and Ken Lang running agaist Alexis Capes for the “at large” position.

The value of these forums is unmatched because the people could observe the demeanor and hear the answers of the candidates.

The clear difference between the candidates was immediately recognized when a citizen from the audience, Kim, simply asked a “yes” or “no” to a simple question: “would you vote yes or no to any future masking in schools”?

Shannon Bent started arguing with the citizen over the hypothetical together with Ken Lang whose wife is a school teacher and who has a pecuniary interest to get her a raise while the students are secondary. None of them figured it out that placing medical devices on someone’s children is not within the purview of the school board but parents and the children’s doctors.

Alexis and Chris were clear. They are both highly educated and parents of the QAC school children. They answered questions concisely, clearly and without attacking the members of the audience asking a question. Shannon Bent couldn’t provide a definition of “collectivism” – a socialist doctrine currently imposed on the Queen Anne’s County public schools teachers and heavily debated at the Board of Education level almost a year ago. Shannon Bent told the audience that “collectivism” had something to do with “students from other countries”. Anyone with an access to dictionary or Google could figure out the definition of “collectivism” and see ignorance of this candidate seeking to keep her position on our children’s school board.

Neither Chris nor Alexis cared about “political” consequences or “political correctness” of their answers.

Their demeanor and responses were refreshing and much needed change from Shannon Bent appointed by Gov. Hogan to this position and Ken Lang.

It is clear that Democrat Party is endorsing Ken Lang and Shannon Bent for a “non-partisan” position together with the Teacher’s Union. These two candidates care less about the children and more about their own political agenda.

QAC Parents have a clear choice this year: Vote for Alexis Capes and Chris Blanton is a vote for students.

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