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Gubernatorial Debate in a Nut(Ty) Shell

Maryland Public Television held the one and only debate between 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates: Dan Cox (R) and Wes Moore (D).

The audience observed the two men taking the stage as the future of Maryland rests in one of them.

Dan Cox was the first to reach out to Wes Moore to shake his hand at the begging of the debate and at the conclusion of the debate.

Dan Cox opened with thanking MPT for the opportunity and for organizing the debate; introduced himself as the father of 10 children and clearly setting his vision for Maryland: it can be easily remembered as S.A.F.E.

S stands for SAFETY. Cox/Schifanelli pledge to end gun violence in Baltimore, to fund and support police officers and end endless plea deals that result with violent criminals out on the streets.

A stands for Affordability: from affordable housing to lowering gas prices and reducing inflation.

F stands for Freedom of individual choices to make medical decisions and agaist the government overreach. Cox specifically promised that he would never impose mask or experimental vaccine mandates and that the decision rests with each person individually.

E stands for Education: Cox explained his School of Choice program where each parent must and should be included into their children’s curriculum.

Wes Moore then opened up with his story of moving out of Maryland after his fathers death. He did not mention his upscale private education and the privileged life style. Wes Moore opened with abortion access and making Maryland an abortion state equating abortion with healthcare and ending his opening statement with his campaing slogan “Leave no one behind”.

Pamela Woods, the reporter from Baltimore Banner was the first to ask the question and her question was for Delegate Dan Cox: “You have a history for promoting distrust in election process”… One need not look further from realizing that Ms. Wood has serious issues with asking simple, relevant and not loaded question with her own political bias agaist Delegate Cox. Cox responded to her for the nth time that he wants to follow the constitutional process and not change the procedure in the middle of the election.

Wes Moore then took the question to the next level- calling Cox the election denier and that it is dangerous to question election results.

Cox then came back citing the examples in his own county between two democrat candidates where Frederick in fact overturned the outcome for a democrat challenger.

It became clear that under Moore, no one will be allowed to challenge election process or the outcome because he deems it “dangerous”.

Perhaps Pamela Wood forgot that election results have been challenged before in the nations and Maryland’s history: from Bush v Gore in 2000 to all the way back to Ellen Sauerbray v Paris Glendening’s race in 1993.

The next question revolves around Wes Moore’s declining to debate Dan Cox before Morgan State University and Wes Moore had no answer other than that he showed up this time and that he’d rather be on the campaing trail taking to his donors.

Alexis Taylor, a reporter from the AfroNews asked both candidates how they intend to remedy disproportionate impact of inflation to the black community. That was a fair question.

But the answer was shocking: Wes Moore wants Reparations. He went on to say that we are systemically racist and that racism didn’t start during COViD. He forgot to mention that he is wealthier than 90% of the people in Maryland including Dan Cox and his 10 children combined and that the racist system he intends to dismantle is the same system that made him one of the richest people in Maryland.

Dan Cox spoke about lowering the gas tax and his numerous bills he introduced in the last 4 years as a delegate.

The experience between the two candidates was unmatched.

Then, the MPT reporter Jeff Salkin asked the simple question about solutions to the student educational scores that are down.

Instead of addressing the issues of failing student scores which is equivalent of substantial loss of learning, Wes Moore spoke about implementing Kirwan law and proudly stating that he was endorsed by the teachers union.

Cox addressed refocusing students to reading, writing and arithmetic and ending political indoctrination in schools. Cox promoted the need for the School of Choice and the need for parental involvement and disclosure of what the children are learning.

Then the question came from a student from Salisbury University about gun violence. Moore indicated that we need to have gun control and to scrub the criminal record of some non violent criminals. Cox on the other hand promised to fund police officers stating that no meaningful crime reduction occurred under democrat control and that crime is rising in Baltimore City.

Student from Morgan State University had a question on supporting historically black colleges and Dan Cox responded with expanding the Pell grant program while Wes Moore talked about settlement.

Pamela Woods again asked Dan Cox the next question asserting and implying his “national ban on abortion” stance. While Dan Cox publicly stated that he is pro life and that he authored the “Down Syndrome Protection Act”, he clearly explained that the legislature is the one crafting the abortion law and as Governor he has to uphold the most liberal abortion law currently in Maryland.

Wes Moore then said that abortion is healthcare.

That’s when the jaws dropped. Moore said that he wants to make Maryland an abortion state and he stated that he supports late term abortion and that the only decision whether to have an abortion or not is between a woman and her doctor.

Alexis Taylor then asked a question regarding $600 million dollars in marijuana related revenues and Wes Moore answered that he plans to rollout fair and equitable distribution of marijuana revenues and licenses!

Cox called the social justice approach racist and he vouched to ensure equal justice under the law.

MPT’s Salkin asked the candidates to rate Governor Hogan’s performance.

Wes Moore refused to give Hogan any grade stating he applauds Governor Hogan’s “anti-MAGA” movement and not supporting Cox.

Cox, albeit slandered by Governor Hogan stated that during the last 8 years he worked with Hogan in his Judiciary Committee and he gave Hogan an “A” for the good work on some issues he had done in the past but he disagreed with Hogan’s mandates.

Cox specifically addressed the need to lower taxes for Marylanders and seniors and he further claimed that Wes Moore will raise taxes which will crush our already troubling economy.

Pamela Woods then asked how is each candidate going to end “discrimination among LGBTQ+” students in schools.

Cox responded that we must include parents in public schools and ensure that no one is forcing transgenderism on kindergarten students. Then Ms. Wood engaged in argument with Delegate Cox asking for clarification and he cited the book “Gender Queer” book currently in most Maryland school libraries as and example which shut her down.

Moore stated that he supports local autonomy clearly not understanding the State of Maryland Board of Education mandates and overreach and withholding funding to local school boards who refuse to enforce Maryland State Health Curriculum. Wes Moore touched on transgenderism and mental health.

The last question hit the final point: Expanding and widening the I-270 corridor to combat climate change.

Wes Moore promoted the idea of electric cars and Dan Cox explained that this California approach will destroy Maryland businesses so he supported Governor Hogan’s widening the corridor so people can get home from work quicker, instead of sitting in traffic for hours which is not good for the environment.

The closing arguments were clear:

Wes Moore wants universal health care, abortion on demand and part of the healthcare; electric cars and reparations.

Dan Cox wants to Make Maryland S.A.F.E by supporting law and order, Affordable living and Lowe Taxes; Freedom from mandates and School of Choice Education.

Marylanders have a clear choice between two candidates but uncertain future with Wes Moore’s radical policies.

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