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Maryland Test Score Confirm: State Run Public Schools are Failure and the need for Cox/Schifanelli School of Choice where Money Follows the Child Program

On August 23, 2022 Maryland Board of Education released the scores from the student testing per county. But only in Science. For now. The numbers are catastrophic.

According to the Baltimore Banner which first released the scores, the top performing students come from Queen Anne’s County where 53% of the 8th graders passed the science test. Compare that to 12.3% eighth graders passing the same test in Baltimore city and 28% of the eight graders passing the test in Baltimore County.

Here are the details of the student performance as reported in the Baltimore Banner:

“Test results varied by school district, with Baltimore City students scoring the lowest rate of all 24 districts in the state. About 9% of fifth graders in the city’s system passed. Eighth graders did slightly better, with a 12.3% pass rate.”Liz Bowie writes for the Baltimore Banner.

In Baltimore County, 27.6% of fifth graders and 28% of eighth graders passed the state test. By comparison, Carroll County’s fifth graders outscored all other districts with a pass rate of 44.8%, while 54% of Queen Anne County’s eighth graders passed.

“There was a wide disparity among pass rates for students based on demographics. While 69% of Asian eighth graders passed the science test, 20% of two other groups — Black and Latino students — passed. Economically disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities, had even lower pass rates., “,Baltimore Banner states.

The State of Maryland Board of Education Superintendant, Mohamed Chundry said:

“The results confirm that the learning of all students suffered during the pandemic and also underscore the unacceptable achievement gap that continues to persist for our English learners, Black students, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds,” Choudhury wrote in an email. “A return to normal is not good – our goal is to ensure that every Maryland student has access to excellent educational opportunities…. especially those who have been historically underserved.”

While political indoctrination continues throughout Maryland’s public schools with much emphasis on transgenderism and black-white racial divide as opposed to science, math or English language learning – the performance numbers point to only one conclusion: State run public schools are failure. The time has come for parents to step in and change their student learning experience: School Choice with vouchers which follow the child to any school of their parents choice will ensure that parents have the resources to remove their children from failed public schools.

Dan Cox, Republican candidate for Governor and Gordana Schifanelli, his running mate who successfully removed the politically charged Superintendent and the school board in her Queen Anne’s County in 2020 are now on the mission to help all parents in the entire State.

Their School of Choice program is simple: money follows each child to any school of their choice. This is the only recipe for success. This plan offers parents one-in-the-lifetime opportunity to take control of their children’s learning and place their children to any school of their choice.

Their opposition is Democrat Wes Moore and his running mate Aruna Miller who promote racial division between black and white students, critical race theory and their 1619 project with student tracking and data mining among many ultra-progressive and globalist driven policies.

Meanwhile, students are failing in reading and math as well.

“English language and math assessments given last spring to students in grades three through eight will not be released until January, eight months after they were given. State officials attributed the delay to the need to set passing and failing standards for the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program, the statewide test that the federal government requires be given each year in every state.” Liz Bowie writes.

The new test takes significantly less time to take than the old one, down from 240 minutes to 160 minutes for math and reading. Once the state has determined the standards for each test in all of the grades, Choudhury said, test results will be released much more quickly. “My goal is to get it in their hands before the summer starts,” Choudhury said. “So they can use it in the fall.”

As of to date, we do not have math and English language test results.

For the entire article on Baltimore Banner go to theBaltimorebanner.com

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