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From Washington Post headline “Hogan calls GOP gubernatorial nominee mentally unstable” to the Hill’s : “Hogan: Maryland GOP governor candidate not ‘mentally stable’”, one thing is clear: Maryland’s Governor Hogan is fuming with revenge agaist Maryland’s delegate Dan Cox who Hogan used for door knocking and campaigning to get him elected twice when he ran for Governor. At that time, Dan Cox was Hogan-worthy. At that time Hogan endorsed Cox. That was not too long ago.

Now, after catastrophic defeat of Hogan’s candidate, Hogan defames Cox, acting as a spoiled brat who didn’t get his turn or a candy. In his temper tantrum that continues weeks after Maryland Primary election, Hogan slanders and defames all Marylanders who voted for Cox/Schifanelli. And the voters flooded the polls casting their votes for: School of Choice, Parents Rights, No Mandates (mask or Covid-19 vaccines that by now we all know do not work), law and order and many more pressing issues that hurt Marylanders with Hogan and Democrat policies.

In fact, Hogan desperately wants to continue to be relevant Republican in name only, like his defeated buddy Liz Chaney who, by the way, gracefully declared her defeat and who, unlike Hogan, did not commit civil wrong of defamation agaist her opponent.

Hogan was not on the ballot but his failed policies were. That is what Maryland voters rejected overwhelmingly.

Name calling is not only childish but affirms that Hogan is immature to run for a dog catcher let alone President of the USA, which is currently the biggest joke among political pundits.

Maryland has been “ off “ the political map and mainstream radar for some time. Maybe slanderous politics could, at last for a moment – put Maryland back on the map.

Shore Times managed to get a glimpse of what is going on inside the Maryland’s GOP by getting a copy of a letter from one of many very angry voters:

“To: Dirk Haire, Md. GOP

I am a lifetime Republican and have voted in every local, state and national election since I was old enough to vote. Sadly, I voted for Larry Hogan for Governor of Maryland both times he ran. I thought he was a good man with the best interest of Maryland and our country at heart. I was sadly mistaken. 

During his first term, he did very little for us, the regular citizens of Maryland. In his second term, he turned into a tyrant with lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, thus ruining the economy in our state. The main result was the degradation of our school system and the destruction of small businesses. He did so with no hint of understanding what was going on in our state. “Wear the damn mask,” was all we heard. And let’s not forget his wasteful purchase of millions of dollars of Covid testing kits from Korea. 

Recently, however, he has accelerated his tyranny, narcissism, and disregard for the people of Maryland, especially those of us who supported him. With his attack on the Republican nominee, Dan Cox, Larry has gone beyond politics into utter destruction of the party in our state. It was bad enough when the Chairman of the State Party, Mr. Haire, actively campaigned for Cox’s opponent Shulz, which was against the state rules of the Central Committees. Now we have Larry Hogan actively campaigning for a man, Wes Moore, who is not only a Democrat but a Socialist running with an avowed Marxist as his running mate. 

To make it worse, Hogan has disparaged Republicans who support Cox by calling us “wackos.” He has called Delegate Cox, “mentally unstable.” This from a man so thin skinned that he actively banned people from his Facebook page if they disagreed with him and his policies. He has been on many national and state radio and television shows disparaging Cox and his supporters. It’s disgusting. It seems he is the mentally unstable one, suffering from severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. Or maybe his mind has been altered by support from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Either way, he is a turncoat and a sick man. 

Hogan is not the only candidate who has betrayed Republicans and our trust. Barry Glassman, candidate for Comptroller has also done so. 

I demand that the Republican Party censor Larry Hogan immediately. I will not support the party until this happens, and many others feel the same way. Delegate Cox is a good man who is running to maintain our Constitutional rights in a state that has been lurching toward Socialism for many years, including during Mr. Hogan’s administration. It seems Larry is more interested in protecting and building his own personal interests than he is in serving our State and its people. 

I will vote for Delegate Cox. I will never support Hogan for President or any additional office in our state or country. If this continues I will never support the Republican party again. 


Jan G
Wxxxxxxx Avenue
Oxford, Maryland 21654

Lifelong Republican”

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