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Washington Post Endorsing Kelly Schulz Exposes Which Republican Candidate is Easier to Beat in the General Election for Maryland Governor

In today’s Editorial Op Ed The Washington Post endorsed Kelly Schulz in the GOP Primary for Maryland Governor.

It is the same newspaper who settled a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit with the Covington High Schooler, Nick Sandman who was attending a field trip in Washington DC’s March for Life in 2019 and was wrongly accused of harassment of a Native American.

While more than 80% of Maryland Republicans want Donald J Trump to run for President in 2024 according to an independent Maryland Governor’s Association poll published earlier this year, Current Republican Governor Larry Hogan endorsed Kelly Schulz as his favorite to continue his “record of success”. While Marylanders struggle to find this record of Hogan’s success since their reality is quite different, Hogan and his twice endorsed Schulz continue to promote such a narrative.

The question is WHY would the Washington Post endorse Schulz. After all – it is a private newspaper company and a far left leaning to say the least.

The answer is simple, because the Washington Post will support a Democrat for Maryland’s Governor in the general election.

As the op Ed says: The Washington Post supports Schulz for the GOP Primary, not the general election for Governor.

There are plenty of high-profile Democrats running for Governor. It is easier to beat Schulz with her and Hogan’s catastrophic record than to deal with Dan Cox and his charismatic and Maryland favorite Lieutenant Governor candidate, Gordana Schifanelli.

Hogan has been named as one of the worst performing Republican Governors according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a non-partisan and non-profit research organization comparing economic indicators for all 50 states. Maryland is at the bottom half. (More about all other states can be found on ALEC.org.)

Hogan’s catastrophic performance and unconstitutional mandates are not the only reason Maryland ranks 45th among all states and Hogan’s Administration received a D grade. (Source: The Committee to Unleash Prosperity report card).

Maryland tops the states whose citizens move to Florida to escape severe taxation, crime and catastrophic murders by the MS-13 illegal gang members from Central America who find refuge in this state.

Committee to Unleash American Prosperity Report Card, Freedom Works 2022 report

Kelly Schulz’s record is clear. She is an essential part of the most incompetent Republican administration in state history, and it is not surprising that Maryland Democrats see a fertile ground to regain control over the Executive office if Kelly Schulz is the GOP candidate.

Kelly Schulz is unpopular among many Maryland voters.

Her entire campaign strategy is running a smear campaign against Dan Cox, a Frederick Delegate and Constitutional law attorney because he represented a criminal defendant. Of course, this ignores the fact that this is the job of an attorney and the right of any citizen. Schulz has also refused to show up for any debate

Dan Cox’s secret weapon in this unusual race is his dynamic running mate Gordana Schifanelli: a refugee from the former Communist Yugoslavia, five-star trial lawyer, economist, former adjunct professor at the United States Naval Academy, mother of three boys and a wife to a retired US Army Special Forces officer. The Cox/Schifanelli ticket is gaining momentum, support and love from the people across Maryland.

Schifanelli came to the spotlight two years ago when, during the 2020 elections, she single-handedly managed to overturn the school board and a controversial superintendent on a write-in ballot campaign. She is the symbol of courage to many parents as she bravely faced the backlash from BLM and the Maryland Teachers Union. Schifanelli loudly spoke against CRT and other political indoctrination in public schools and became a symbol of freedom and courage to Maryland parents who were often scared to speak publicly against Marxist ideology and public-school indoctrination.

It’s clear that Marylanders view Cox/Schifanelli not only as a freedom ticket but as hope to reverse the catastrophic trajectory of their state towards globalist fascism and Communist indoctrination.

It is no surprise that the Washington Post endorsed Schulz. Schulz is a vulnerable candidate. Her vulnerability is clearly evidenced in her refusal to show up at any public debate stage with other Republican candidates.

In fact, if Hogan’s administration had a strong, unbeatable record, high profile democratic leaders would not be spending millions of dollars to win the gubernatorial race. Hogan’s record is weak and there is plenty to attack.

Therefore, if you want a Democrat to win the Governor’s race you would endorse and promote Schulz.

However, if Cox/ Schifanelli win the Republicans race, the Democrats will have a more difficult time debating them as both Cox and Schifanelli are middle class and patriotic candidates with superb legal skills and results that speak for themselves.

The Washington Post endorsement has dubious motives, but the goal is obvious.: In order to achieve the Democrats’ mission and to elect the next Democrat Governor, Republicans must nominate Schulz.

If Republicans nominate a Cox/Schifanelli ticket, any Democrat candidate running for Governor will have to work harder than Biden to win the hearts and minds of all Marylanders.

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