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The Men Who Hate America First and Maryland First Candidates

RINO Republicans are individuals who claim to share the values of the Republican Party but act in opposition to the shared values of the Republican Party such as small government, individual rights, school of choice, no masking and no jabs for jobs, ensuring election integrity to name the few .

These individuals do not share “America First” values, promote anti-Trump rhetoric and support disastrous liberal policies in their local communities- whether actively or passively supporting or promoting Critical Gender and Race Theories in public schools, removal of historical monuments as was the case in Talbot County, supporting those who promoted division among people and their businesses into essential and non-essential or simply following and supporting catastrophic economic policies of shutdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Their names are listed below.

Maryland has been named one of the worst states in the Union regarding its Covid-19 response. The measures implemented in Maryland have led to the decline of its economy and education system and an increase in Covid mortality.

According to the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, all 50 states were ranked by the common statistical measure also used by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). The worst performing Republican Governor was Larry Hogan of Maryland who received a D grade.

Most Marylanders know that their lives in the last eight years have been severely impacted not just by the Covid outbreak but also by the failing and “woke”public school policies.

Again, OECD report ranks Maryland 48 out of 50 states in cumulative in-person education, making Maryland students lagging behind Florida in learning between 4 to 6 years on average depending on the student’s grade level.

However, many Maryland RINO Republicans ignore the situation in their counties and their state as they pursue personal political image or enrichment and ignore the values of “America First” policies and the needs of the people who they are supposed to serve.

Larry Hogan has endorsed his former Commerce Secretary to continue the same failed policies and here are the RINOs who have endorsed this failed education and economic future for Marylanders:

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