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Kelly Schulz New Strategy – Trashing Conservative Parents who Made History in Queen Anne’s County

Another hit piece on Gordana Schifanelli was released this week by the Kelly Schulz propaganda department,( I.e., DuckPin and advisor Brian Griffith). The article was entitled “Schifanelli Politicizes Superintendent Search.”

It is a blatant attempt to demonize Ms. Schifanelli and any other parent who wishes to have a say about the people who run the schools their children attend.

The unflattering title helps to confirm what Gordana Schifanelli stands for – strong conservatism and the right of the people to run this country.

In 2020, the Queen Anne’s County Public Schools were shut down. But, Superintendent Andrea Kane called upon the county’s school children to march with her in support of Black Lives Matter organization while schools were closed because of Covid concerns. It was the time of violent riots in Washington DC, Portland, OR and many other cities across the country.

Ms. Schifanelli, a mother of three boys, (the youngest in a local elementary public school) pointed out the political indoctrination going on under Kane’s superintendency and conducted a successful write in campaign to get a conservative presence on the Board of Education.

New members of the Board were elected under Ms. Schifanelli’s leadership, and Ms. Kane’s tenure as Superintendent ended. With that, the extreme leftist indoctrination in the schools came to an end. Positive changes were made including a celebration in the schools of “Constitution Day” on September 17th.

Kelly Schulz and Brian Griffiths accuse Ms. Schifanelli of “politicizing” schools. Apparently, Mr. Griffiths and Ms. Schulz share the belief in Critical Race Theory that BLM promotes.

The DuckPin article exposes yet another ignorance of Brian Griffith. Republicanism and Conservatism are very distinctive meanings. Conservatism is a cultural, social, and political philosophy, which seeks to promote and to preserve traditional social institutions.

When Ms. Schifanelli asks for conservative applicants for a job of the Schools Superintendent – she is seeking for individuals who share traditional values most people in Queen Anne County share. But that does not mean that all Republicans are conservatives. From the article published by illiterate Brian Griffith, Schulz’s divisor, it is clear that he has never taken a logic class in his life.

Ms. Shulz calls herself a Republican, but being Conservative is a moral position- something that Kelly Schulz and her Campaign is missing. It goes well beyond putting an “R” by one’s name. It involves fighting to stop the pendulum from swinging to the far left for over 20 + years and destroying our children’s education.

Ms. Schifanelli posted a call for educators who hold Conservative moral norms to apply for the Superintendent’s job; educators who believe that children should not be divided based on skin color or other superficial means. She asked that applicants for Superintendent focus on traditional values and focus on education, not indoctrination.

Apparently, that bothers Ms. Schulz and Mr. Griffiths. 

SHORE TIMES called Ms. Schifanelli this morning for her comment on Kelly Schulz’s DuckPin hit piece. Here is Ms. Schifanelli’s response:

“It is sad to see those members of the Republican Party on Kelly Schulz’s team trash themselves by trying to trash me. The article has an opposite effect and points out that I firmly stand on the side of parents, children, and common decency. Being Conservative shows that I have my gender pronouns straight and that I would not allow anyone to confuse our young people with the nonsense being taught in some public schools. During the last two years I stood against division of children based on their skin color and/or vaccine status. These are strong core Conservative values. I am blessed and proud to have and understand them. It is not a political issue but a way of life. At least people know that a vote for me is a vote for decency, honesty, common sense and transparency.”

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