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Maryland Republicans Are Not From Mars

No matter how much RINO Republicans, like Kelly Schulz for an example, try to distort the facts through the political spin sites Duck Pin and Literally Dan Cox, the truth doesn’t change; Maryland Republicans are NOT from Mars and they are no different from other freedom loving and Trump supporting patriots in the U.S.

Shulz’s paid media outlets try to spread a false premise that Maryland Republicans are so different from the rest of the country that the majority supports Governor Larry Hogan’s job over the past eight years. The implication is that this “support” will transfer to candidate Kelly Schulz. 

The facts show different results. When the Maryland Governor’s Association poll asked Republican voters to choose between Schulz and candidate Dan Cox, who is endorsed by President Trump, more than 50% chose Cox. 

In fact, the numbers show that when GOP primary voters know Cox is endorsed by Trump, Cox leads Schulz 52% to 18%.  ( Source: Democraticgovernors.org)

Yet, Schulz and her Duck Pin News publishes disinformation and never site a source. Shore Times however went straight to the source – Maryland Governors Association and reports that,”when respondents are informed of Donald Trumps’s endorsement of Cox and Hogan’s endorsement of Schulz, Cox’s lead grows to a massive 34 points (52%-18%), while Hogan’s endorsement of Schulz can’t get her to 20%.”

Other sources also confirm the facts Schulz ignores.

Stephen Farnsworth with University of Mary Washington told Maryland Matters, “It’s clear that Donald Trump continues to drive the narrative within the Republican Party.” Id. 

And from an article dated February 2022 at democraticgovernors.org, “However, Schulz has remained silent on almost every major issue and the Republican litmus tests driving the primary, like whether she thinks the election was stolen. As a result, it’s not surprising that 74% of Republican primary voters do not have an opinion of her.”

Therefore, it’s not a surprise that Larry Hogan has made TWO endorsements of Kelly Schulz, desperate attempts to remind uncommitted RINOS that his selected candidate has a chance to win the Republican primary. But the facts from the field are very different.

This election is very different from any election in Maryland’s past. This time, the race includes Gordana Schifanelli, Dan Cox’s running mate. 

While most Lieutenant Governors remain silent place holders on the Governor’s ticket, Cox’s LieutenantGovernor is everything BUT silent and hardly a place holder. She is a force to be reckoned with. Highly educated with the highest degrees in law and economics, Ms. Schifanelli is an adjunct US Naval Academy professor and a naturalized U.S citizen. She would be the first naturalized citizen in Maryland’s history to hold the office of Lt. Governor. 

Her personal knowledge of the horrors of war and the media disinformation in a Communist country gives her a unique perspective of what is happening to our country and our citizens as we are faced with the loss of our freedoms. She is the voice of millions of parents who have struggled with what is being done to their children because of failed schools and senseless mandates.

She is the mother of three boys, all top academic students, Eagle Scouts and respectful young adults. Her youngest child, who is 13, is also a Sea Cadet.

Schifanelli is Maryland’s Winsome Sears. The two recently met and shared their love of their children and desire for their best education. Neither are afraid to boldly speak the truth!

Winsome Sears, Lt. Governor of Virginia and Gordana Schifanelli, candidate for Lt.Governor of Maryland

Dan Cox’s vision and leadership in choosing Gordana as his running mate speaks volumes about him. Voters see through the attempts to silence and gaslight Cox/Schifanelli via Schulz’s various media outlets. No one can discount the amazing reception Dan and Gordana have received at the various Lincoln Day dinners organized by local Maryland Central committees throughout the state. 

Cox/Schifanelli is the clear winning ticket for Maryland families. 

Voters in Maryland want fresh change in the state. They want an end to the corruption, “politics as usual,” and tyrannical control of elitist political groups. This is why the poll numbers are overwhemlingly for Cox/Schifanelli. 

Maryland patriots no longer want to play political games. They will never vote for Schulz regardless of the money, power, influence of Larry Hogan, or Kelly Schulz’s globalist ties via ConnectedDMV.org

Maryland voters are not from Mars. They are Americans.  They will fight for their freedom and will never waver.

This article has not been discussed or funded by Dan Cox for Governor Campaign or Dan Cox in his personal capacity.

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