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Dorchester County’s Lincoln Day Dinner Barometer

On Saturday, March 19th, 2022, Dorchester County, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, hosted their annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Suicide Bridge Restaurant. Lincoln Day dinners are Republican events which allow candidates for public offices across Maryland to present their platforms to voters.

This Lincoln Day Dinner was a clear barometer of who the Republican candidate for Governor of Maryland should be. More importantly, it was a clear sign that the campaign of candidate Kelly Schulz is heading for political suicide if she keeps promoting her current message.
It’s clear that the majority of Maryland Republicans see restoring freedom as the issue they find most important.
Speech after speech from local sheriffs and Michael Peroutka, one of the candidates for Maryland Attorney General, all stressed the same vital issue during the past eight years of the Hogan administration in Maryland, the Governor’s denial of the freedoms guaranteed to Maryland citizens through both the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions. Hogan and his cabinet, on which Kelly Schulz was the Secretary of Labor and Commerce, deprived Marylanders of their liberties and destroyed small businesses labeling them “non-essential” and shutting them down.
Ms. Schulz, who often echoed Hogan’s message to “Wear the damn mask and obey the rules” during 2020, now wants to pretend she never participated or approved of Hogan’s unconstitutional actions.

Sensing that she has been on the wrong side of Maryland history and voter opinion, Schulz decided to publish some, “original ideas” on her campaign website. The problem is that the ideas she published, from a Parent Bill of Rights to the Inflation Tax Repeal, had already been proposed, drafted and filed by her opponent, Dan Cox.

His repeal of the Gas Tax Bill has already been passed and signed into law by Hogan a few days ago. Original ideas? Yes. HER ideas? Definitely not.

During the Lincoln Day Dinner, Schulz proved several things to the attendees.

One, in her speech at the dinner, Kelly Schulz showed she is completely detached from the reality of the situation in Maryland. She cited economic conditions that no longer exist in the state. She used Hogan’s old campaign rally cry about MartinO’Malley’s rain tax, something that existed eight years ago. She also stated that Maryland was the number one state in the country economically. When asked to clarify that point by Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Gordana Schifanelli by providing sources that would show the origin of that claim, Schulz shifted gears and said that Maryland was number one in the country for economic opportunities. Again, no source for the statement.

Sadly for her, voters of Maryland know too well the economic condition in the state. Maryland is not only ranked in the bottom half of the United States for economic indicators such as infrastructure, but it is among the top 5 states for the exodus of retirees and other citizens to other states.

Unfortunately for her, the only claims that Ms. Schulz has for her political prowess in getting things done are from her time in the legislature in 2013. While she reminisced about her voting record 9 years ago, she could tout nothing she had done since then that would indicate that she would make an effective Governor.

As she ended her comments, she cited her status as a mom and the fact that she was once a waitress. While it is nice to hear about a person’s background, this information does nothing to promote her gubernatorial qualifications.

Apparently the audience at Suicide Bridge Restaurant was not impressed either as she exited the stage to tepid polite applause and some boo’s.
When the host called for Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Cox to speak, the mood in the restaurant changed and the room was lit up with loud cheering and a standing ovation.

While speaking in front of a huge “Trump Won” flag, it appeared Candidate Cox’s recent filing of an impeachment resolution of Governor Hogan, was only unpopular among RINO Republicans, despite contrary claims in the media.

While other delegates engaged in politics as usual and stated that the “timing” of the impeachment would not result in his being removed from office, Cox remained true to his principles as he filed the Articles. Michael Peroutka, candidate for Attorney General and founder of “The Institute for the Constitution” eloquently explained, “Dan Cox did what he swore an oath to do as a delegate: file Articles of Impeachment when it became clear that Governor Hogan violated the Constitutional Rights of Marylanders.”

The voters attending the dinner loudly applauded the effort.

And that effort is where many huge differences between Candidate Schulz and Dan Cox start. The differences are even more clear when we discuss competence, knowledge, and integrity of the two candidates.

Candidate Cox is an experienced attorney in Maryland Constitutional Law and respected Maryland State Delegate. His running mate, Gordana Schifanelli, is an economist and an attorney. She lived through Communism in her native Yugoslavia before becoming a U.S. Citizen. She has an impeccable record of fighting for the removal of political activism and indoctrination in schools since 2020. Both fight for the rights of parents to ensure a quality education for their children without ideological influences and division. They both oppose mandates that destroy the freedom of citizens; mandates
that Candidate Schultz has not only supported but promoted.

As the dinner concluded, it was clear that the “Literally Dan Cox” smear campaign Ms. Schulz and her “DuckPin” RINO supporters created have not harmed Cox, but exposed her as a candidate who participates in dirty tricks politics.

While the dinner was an event to remember, Kelly may wish to forget it. After Ms. Schifanelli’s speech, Schulz snuck out the back door without so much as a “good-bye” to the organizers. Her advisors were in shock at her lukewarm reception in comparison to the energized reaction of the crowd to not only Cox and Schifanelli’s speeches, but to the speech of Congressman Andy Harris who “blew the top off the room” with his passion and love for America.

Obviously, the attendees want their freedoms back and Kelly Schulz isn’t up to the job!

The Suicide Bridge Restaurant was a great venue for the Dorchester County Lincoln Day Dinner. The Maryland Patriots, an organization started by Ms. Schifanelli two years ago is taking on a life of its own. The sleeping giant is sleeping no more! They are awake and ready to fight for the survival of their children and their future!

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