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Kelly Schulz Represents Minority of Republicans Who Foster Deep Hate Towards America First Agenda

Kelly Schulz is a rank and file republican, former Labor and Commerce secretary in Larry Hogan’s administration. She is a globalist member of ConnectedDMV.org organization, obedient to those controlling her and famous for her KGB style comments: “You heard the Governor: wear the damn mask; obey the rules…;

Marylanders are left struggling for the past two years with the Republican Governor in name only who is supporting Schulz and pushing the Republican party in Maryland to abandon “America First” policies and to align the Party with the Democrat policies and current narrative.

Kelly Schulz campaigning began and continues with bizarre factual representations: that Maryland was 48th state in the economy when she and Larry Hogan took office and after 7 years of her “steady leadership” Maryland economy is No. 1 in the Nation” ( speech before Federal Republican Women’s Forum, February 10, 2022).

Dan Cox’s running mate, Gordana Schifanelli, an attorney, long time adjunct professor of law and economics at the United States Naval Academy (not currently teaching as she is running for the political office), with the degrees in Economics and Law and a mother of 3 boys, famously interrupted Schulz – to the surprise and obvious appreciation of all in the attendance and on social media, asking Schulz to “Cite the Source”. Schulz, flustered and caught red-handed, quickly ended her barrage of misinformation and exited the room.

As of to-date, Kelly Schulz not only failed to provide the source of her data that “Maryland is No. 1 state in the Union on economics”, but instead she hired DuckPin and “Literally Dan Cox” website – an online version of “spread the trash about your opponent” and another KGB style political disinformation site.

Schulz and her campaign are spreading misinformation and hate on social media about her primary opponent – Dan Cox.

In “Literally Dan Cox” – the most recent site Schulz Campaign takes Dan Cox’s words out of context and then they slap their own interpretations to deceive the public. That web site is yet to publish Dan Cox’s entire interview for the record and for the purposes of asserting accurate context of his speech.

Dan Cox is a Republican Delegate from Frederick County in Maryland, Constitutional law attorney in private practice, and father of 10 children. He is a huge proponent of America first policies, low taxes and restoring Maryland’s dilapidated small businesses, infrastructure and economy.

During the current legislative session, Cox sponsored two bills: Parent Bill of Rights and Termination of Gas Tax.

After his bills were filed, Kelly Schulz quickly posted on her official “Kelly Schulz for Governor” web site that if elected Governor – She would create Parent Bill of Rights and She would propose the repeal of the “Inflation Tax“ which in all reality does not exist. Needless to say- Governor of Maryland does not file or make bills.

Most recently- Kelly Schulz’s campaign in their DuckPin edition slammed the Freedom Truckers calling them “the convoy to nothing” and slandering thousands of Marylanders for supporting the protest agaist vaccine mandates.

It is clear that Kelly Schulz administration supports mandates – from her infamous “Wear the Damn Mask, Obey the Rules” to hiring the mask/ vaccine tzar as her running mate.

For Kelly Schulz, the demand for freedom from Government imposition on our own bodies is a strange concept. Luckily for Marylanders it is the existential issue. “Trump era” convoy that has brought millions of people from California to Maryland to support and ultimately end the mandates for Kelly Schulz is confusing and in Kelly Schulz world the words of our Framers fall on a deaf ear.

Another bizarre behavior from Hogan endorsed commerce secretary: Dan Cox’s Bill HB618 is His Parents Bill of Rights. Cox, together with Delegates Loren Arakan and Kathy Szeliga introduced the Parents Bill of Rights – demanding education transparency and parental control over their children’s education.

Few weeks later, Kelly Schulz came up with “Inflation tax” idea. “Inflation Tax” does not exist as a separate bill/ law, so no wonder why Gordana Schifanelli, yet again, raised a red flag on Kelly Schulz’s deceptive campaigning.

Gordana Schifanelli posted on social media that Kelly Schulz needed some education: where one cannot repeal a Bill that doesn’t exist, only to realize that Kelly Schulz meant – the Gas Tax repeal- the same bill Dan Cox has already proposed and filed.

So no wonder why Schulz wanted to deceive the voters by calling the same idea differently. If she called for the repeal of Gas Tax – everyone would know that it was Dan Cox’s Bill. But if she called it “Inflation tax” the voters would believe that her novel idea would somehow save their dire economic condition and she would appear as their savior by getting rid of “inflation tax”. Another smoke screen and mirage by Kelly Schulz caught by no other than Gordana Schifanelli.

Meanwhile, Marylanders may be happy to learn that Dan Cox’s Repeal of Gas Tax has passed- although temporarily in Maryland by the overwhelming democrat majority in the legislature.

Dan Cox has not paid or created slanderous website(s) or Facebook group(s) or any other social media group against Kelly Schulz.

Kelly Shultz’s voters may be pleased to know that their funds are used for disinformation and slander of America First candidate.

This article is not paid or endorsed by Dan Cox for Governor Campaign.

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