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Marylanders Show Strong Support For Dan Cox for Governor and Gordana Schifanelli as his Lieutenant Governor

On September 29, 2021, Dan Cox with Gordana Schifanelli filed appropriate documents with the Maryland’s Board of Elections for Governor/Lieutenant Governor ticket. In early November 2021, America’s 45th President Donald J Trump endorsed Dan Cox for Maryland’s Governor.

Immediately after that, Larry Hogan, rushed to endorse his Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz for Governor, and in apparent hate towards Dan Cox, Hogan called him a “q-anon wack jab”.

Kelly Schulz has been running for Governor since April 2021 without filing appropriate paperwork for the Governor, or declaring her running mate. Her access to big donors landed her with over $1.5 million dollars in contributions. Maryland’s Board of Elections has extended the filing deadline until March 22, 2022.

Dan Cox is Maryland’s attorney, Frederick delegate and America First Patriot. He is a father of 10 children, and strong supporter for law and order.

Dan Cox supports Maryland’s law enforcement

Cox’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor is Gordana Schifanelli, Maryland’s attorney, adjunct professor, economist, mother of 3 boys and a legal immigrant who survived the horrors of communism and war in her native Yugoslavia.

Republican Candidate for Maryland’s Lt.Governor Gordana Schifanelli, before the Star Spangled Banner Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

Kelly Schulz is a rank and file bureaucrat and loyal to the traditional democratic platforms: for an example, she divided Maryland’s businesses to “non-essential” and “essential”; openly supported democrat policies for refugee resettlement to Maryland; mandated masks on children and Maryland residents at large, and remained silent when hundreds of teachers, police officers and first responders lost their jobs and being coerced to choose between their jobs or “jabs”.

Parents and children protesting before the Queen Anne’s County Board of Education

Furthermore, Secretary Schultz is the only official from the public sector and thus, Maryland is the only state involved in $2.5 Billion Biden’s and Bill Gates Foundation funding initiative to create a globalist agenda for data collection in so called “Global Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center” initiative.

The project was created in conjunction with the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 which can be found at: unssc.org and connecteddmv.org

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While “creating jobs” may be a good political answer to Schulz accepting these globalist initiatives in Maryland, it is worth noting that more bureaucratic jobs funded by the U.S. Taxpayers and Bill Gates Foundation among many other elitists is the Democrat platforms and not the republican way of creating jobs. And that is where Cox and Schulz diverge.

Republican core values stem in private initiatives, not the US Government funding initiatives in conjunction with the Globalist UN Agenda 2030. Republicans believe in creating their own jobs, building their own wealth by finding their own clients and creating products and services through hard work and ingenuity. Redistribution of wealth from the US Government to funding 501(c)(3) global initiatives is not the republican way of building future to Marylanders.

It appears that Kelly Schulz is more aligned to the democratic candidates running for Governor. She represents the obedient “republicans in name only” – a crowd of politicians who have made their political careers appeasing the majority democrats and their socialist agenda in order to gain personal political advancements.

For an example, Ms. Schulz agrees with the majority of the Democratic candidates that there is no Critical Race Theory taught in Maryland public schools – something that Delegate Cox, his running mate Gordana Schifanelli and numerous parent groups across Maryland strongly disagree with.

August 2020, Magazine Maryland’s Educator’s Association

To support parents’ rights to raise their children as they see fit and free from political indoctrination, Delegate Cox introduced HB 618 with number of his conservative colleagues in the last legislative session. And, before their ink could dry, Kelly Schulz rushed to post her own “Parent Bill of Rights” a watered down version of the same Bill as if she can pass a legislation as a Governor hopeful.

Dan Cox is prohibited from fundraising while in the 2022 legislative session until April 2022.

Maryland’s well funded political elitists are pushing the people and the state towards communism and totalitarian regime.

Kelly Schultz believes that she can mediate between communist ideology of the left and her own watered down socialist agenda for Maryland businesses by throwing taxpayer’s money to further socialism in Maryland under the guise of “moderate republicanism”.

Dan Cox, a Maryland’s constitutional law attorney believes in freedoms, and reversing the trend towards global elitist control of Marylanders. He fought to reopen schools and businesses and stood with parents firmly agaist unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates.

Cox’s running mate, Gordana Schifanelli independently challenged Kelly Schulz’s statements that “Maryland is the fastest growing economy in the Union”- a claim which has never been substantiated with facts from the former Commerce Secretary. Ms. Schifanelli referenced Maryland’s staggering statistics on numerous categories from the U.S. News and World Report 2020 and 2021 – and those facts have never been disputed.

Marylanders have a clear choice: Freedom with Cox or Socialism with everyone else.

Candidate for Lt. Governor Gordana Schifanelli’s web site for donations to her campaign is RestoreFreedoms.com

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