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Maps From Hell

Starting this upcoming Monday (December 6), the Maryland General Assembly will convene a redistricting special session to debate and pass the state’s new congressional maps.

The maps that the legislature came up with have been given failing gradesfrom Princeton University Gerrymandering Project, while the maps a non-partisan commission created got top marks. This is about gerrymandering and stopping Maryland’s shameful legacy of voter suppression.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will pass the fair and reasonable maps drafted by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission. In fact, it’s very possible that they will vote in favor of the egregiously hyper-partisan maps drafted by the legislature’s politicians and political operatives.

This moment is absolutely critical for every Marylander who wants to protect the integrity of our government institutions and preserve our democracy for future generations.

Unfortunately for the status quo, we are shining a light on Annapolis and holding our elected leaders accountable. From the start of this process it has been clear that the legislature has no real interest in public input or transparency. Requiring a convoluted, ten-plus step process in order to testify on redistricting would be laughable if it wasn’t such a slap in the face to the democratic process and anyone who cares about good government.

As a supporter of Fair Maps Maryland, we need you to help us fight for free and fair elections.

Here’s how:

Obviously they are making this as difficult as possible, so we apologize if this seems absurd (it is).

1. Visit the Maryland General Assembly website(not too hard, right?)

2. Click the “Witness Sign Up” link (or just skip straight to it—you’re welcome)

3. Click “Create a MyMGA Tracking Account(why do you have to create an account, you wonder? well, you didn’t think they would make it easy for you, did you?)

4. Complete the form to create your account and confirm the account using the email you provided. (now things are getting exciting!)

5. Sign into your account. (are you excited yet!?)

6. Click “Witness Sign Up” on the left-hand side. (now pay attention—here’s where things get complicat–er, we mean REALLY exciting!)

7. Fill out the first line for “HB0001″—these are the gerrymandered maps created by the career politicians. Make sure you select “UNFAVORABLE” in the “Position” field.

8. Choose how you wish to testify. If you wish to submit written testimony, upload your testimony as a .PDF file using the “upload” button. (and yeah, it’s PDFs only—don’t ask).

9. Fill out the second line for “HB0002″—these are the fair and reasonable maps created by a nonpartisan commission. Make sure you select “FAVORABLE” in the “Position” field.

10. Choose how you wish to testify. Again—if you wish to submit written testimony, upload your testimony as a .PDF file using the “upload” button. (still PDFs only, because reasons?)

11. Click the red “Save” button near the top of the page. Confirm your uploads & sign ups by clicking the red “Signed Up Items” button.

12. Pet your dog, go for a run, have a drink—whatever you do to de-stress. We won’t judge.
Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox over the weekend for an email with instructions on how to join the hearing virtually. The hearing will occur on Monday, December 6, 2021, beginning at 12:30 PM.

The information is published on Fair Maps Maryland web site. Visit fairmapsmd.org

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