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American wokists promote Confederate tradition of internal “passports”

Attorneys are known for detailed research on topics and issues and for their expensive service. But they are the first to recognize bizarre desire by Maryland Governor Hogan and his administration who succumbed to the Democrat “wokists” and their communist agenda. One of those attorneys educate us that a notion of internal passports is not new to Americans, but our failed school system successfully buried the truth under the guise of the need for government control in the domain of “health care”.
“While the topic of “vaccine passports” is being debated, let us consider an ugly bit of American history that has been largely forgotten, Lawrence Rogak, Esq. says: the Confederacy required passports for its residents. At first only Blacks were required to carry a passport; as the civil war progressed, by 1863 whites were required to carry them as well (see examples below).

Copy of an 1863 passport
Solder’s Passport in the Confederacy

Unlike our modern American concept of a passport, which is required only for international travel, the Confederacy required “internal passports” to track the movements of its residents and discover spies.

At the present time, only Communist China, North Korea and the Russian Federation require internal passports. America would join this axis of evil if it requires “vaccine passports, he ends.

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