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Why is Dan Cox the Best Choice for Maryland Governor

As Marylanders enter into new election season some politically biased and emotionally unstable far left-wing and right-wingcommentators will start writing their opinions targeting a “new kid on the block” for Maryland Governor.

Maybe those who still have more IQ than a cabbage wish to know who Dan Cox really is and what he stands for as Maryland embraces the candidates for the next Governor.

Dan Cox is a father of nine, a small business owner running a law practice, he is a son of a priest, a Maryland Delegate from Frederick, undoubtedly proven constitutionalist and a Patriot.

Dan Cox was the first public official who filed a lawsuit on behalf of Maryland’s Antietam Battlefield v Hogan, and all other businesses, churches and medically needed veterans to Reopen Maryland in 2020/2021.

Dan Cox did not just talk the talk- he walked the walk and continued to push scared and incompetent Republicans and Democrats alike to follow the meaning and the spirit of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights by litigating on behalf of Maryland Restaurants prior to 2020 winter holidays which would have permanently destroy many small restaurants in the State.

Supermajority Democrats in Maryland legislature and highly incompetent Hogan administration discovered that Coronavirus does not infect people in, say, Home Depots or Walmarts, but the virus is deadly only in small Maryland businesses, churches and places of gatherings and associations other than the parties of the political elitists. So, Dan Cox filed few lawsuits: Paquali v Pittman, Clarksburg Tavern v Elrich and forced the political elitists to settle the matter by reopening businesses to 50% capacity to allow people to get back to work, earn a living and celebrate winter holidays. This action saved many small businesses and family shops around Maryland. Thank Dan Cox for that.

Anyone not engaged in the political smear of Dan Cox can discover more of his actions while in Maryland Legislature: Dan Cox filed not only lawsuits but number of “pro”-small business bills seeking to provide tax relief to property owners and small businesses:

1. HB17-Public Safety- Emergency Powers Limitations (Consent of the Governed Act). This means that Cox wanted to ensure that Maryland people retain the powers given to them by the Founding Fathers as the overreaching Government may create an emergency to control the population and limit their freedom.

2. HB1149-Small Business Tax Relief- State of Emergency Order

3. HB1150-Health- Authority of the Secretary of Health and Medical Information effectively banning vaccine passports!

4. HB1353- Frederick County- Small Business Property Tax Credit- Municipal Corporations!

5. HJ0002- Resolution to End the State of Emergency

6. HB0158 and corresponding Senate Bill SB0593-Property Tax- Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit- Calculation and Refunds which PASSED. Cox’s efforts and his calm and humble demeanor working TOGETHER with the Democrat Super Majority is a testament of his maturity and the time to continue to repair broken Maryland’s leadership.

When the Maryland public reads from so-called “political experts” that Dan Cox is a “Trump’s mouthpiece” it is the obvious sign that the Republican establishment is terrified of their own failed leadership and that the change in Maryland is only possible with the strong Constitutionalist and Maryland attorney who is the only one who helped Marylanders get back to work in 2020/2021.

No one leaves their state if their lifestyle and living conditions are great- Maryland is one of the worst: and here are the stats:

Maryland is among the top 10 states people moved away from in 2020.

United Van Lines released its 44th Annual National Migration Study Monday, which revealed in 2020 that Maryland is at the top 10 on the list of the state’s people were leaving as reported in Baltimore CBS news.

According to the study, 41% of Marylanders left for a job and 26% of people moved out of Maryland to retire. 19% of people left because of family and 11% moved out for lifestyle.

As for the top reasons people moved into Maryland, 56% came to the state for a job and 23% came in for family.

The Hogan Administration had failed Marylanders and the Democrat Super Majority has failed Marylanders.

It’s the time to assess all of the issues critically and shine the light on the most credible candidate who holds the values of the US Constitution as the Supreme law of the land.

Marylanders have a unique opportunity to learn more about Dan Cox before he is slandered and dragged through the mud as labels start piling up against him by those morally drained and educationally inapt to comprehend the values of individual liberty Mr.Cox is sworn to uphold.

Baltimore City crime rates continue to be at the top of the crimes in the entire US while Maryland’s failed education system for Elementary, Middle and High School Education is in the bottom quintile out of all 50 States. Maryland went to woke political abyss and no parent – Democrat or Republican can contest those facts.

While Marylanders race to the top in Covid-19 vaccinations, the public schools continue to push masking mandates and continue to disregard scientific evidence – cloth and paper masks do not protect anyone from Covid-19 viruses- even the disclaimer on the box states the obvious. Hence the alarming deprivation of oxygen and illogical, forced mandates resemble more of a third-world political theater than a rational and reasonable electorate.

It would be futile to mention that for some the most pressing issues facing Maryland is the Talbot Boys, Civil War Monument located in a sleepy town of Easton – depicting the horrors of war and abuse of children used in political activism. Removing it- according to some candidates running for Maryland’s highest office, would solve the problems facing Marylanders. 

People in Maryland will have to use more resources to learn about the candidates, filter the trash that will be piled up against some to discover the truth- or- pack their bags and head South searching for freedom.

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