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Talbot County Republican Councilman destroys Talbot County History

Frank DiVillio a Registered Republican, salesman for State Farm from Talbot County suddenly abandoned his constituents and voted with other two Democrats on the County Council to remove Talbot County Boys Monument.

Angry residents, historians and members of academia spoke passionately and persuasively, but the bizarre turncoat remained untouched to voices of his voters, neighbors and supporters.

It is a strange flip by Mr. Divillio that coincides with Peter Francho’s sudden interest for removing Talbot Boys Monument and his promise to make doorknobs out of this last item of Talbot’s heritage.

In a procedural vote the Talbot County Council voted today and 3 men destroyed Talbot County History.

Communism in its worst form of fascism is marching into Maryland and Talbot County.

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