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August 30, 2021
Contact: Carrie Simons-Sparrow
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House Republicans Issue Statement on AELR Review of School Mask Mandate

Annapolis – House Republicans today issued the a statement regarding the AELR Committee’s review of the school masking mandate issued by the Maryland Board of Education. Minority Leader Jason Buckel, Delegate Haven Shoemaker, Delegate Jay Jacobs, and Delegate Susan McComas are the House Republican representatives on AELR Committee.

“We have serious concerns regarding the State Board of Education’s unprecedented usurpation of local control in mandating masking for students across Maryland. We support the request that the AELR Committee hold an open and transparent public hearing to fully evaluate this controversial decision. Moreover, the 10-day review period is the public’s best tool to review impactful policy changes that come via an unelected and unaccountable government bureaucracy. It is in the best interests of the public and in the spirit of open government that this review period remain in place. However, it is important to note that neither this review period nor the request for hearing on the regulations prohibit any parent from choosing to mask their children when they return to school this week. Any inference to the contrary is merely political theatrics.”

Delegate Haven Shoemaker on Friday requested the AELR Committee hold a public hearing on the regulations associated with the school masking mandate. Democratic leaders in the General Assembly have been urging Governor Hogan to allow them to bypass the 10-day public review period for these regulations.

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