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Maryland 4-H mandates experimental Covid-19 vaccines on children

Those children who survive can continue to use 4-H programs after receiving the experimental vaccine. Those who don’t – oh well. The public has been informed ad noseum about serious side effect mRNA vaccine causes as published on regularly updated VAER Report on the Health and Human Services site. Below is the letter sent to Maryland parents in its entirety.

Greetings 4-H Families,

We hope this message finds you well and that our 4-Hers have a safe and engaging start to a new school year! It has been inspiring to see so many of you at our summer camps, competitive events and fairs. These opportunities have allowed our 4-H families to reconnect with one another in ways that have been more difficult to do over the last 18 months. Looking ahead, we have several out-of-state 4-H trips where our youth and adult chaperones represent Maryland 4-H on a national platform.

This week the University of Maryland updated their guidelines for travel based on guidance from the federal government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  As part of University of Maryland Extension (UME), 4-H is required to apply these guidelines to our programs.

Current CDC travel guidance states that individuals who are fully vaccinated can travel safely within the United States, and that individuals who are not fully vaccinated should delay all non-essential travel.

In alignment with the updated University travel guidelines, Maryland 4-H has set the following policy for travel to out-of-state 4-H events.  This policy applies to 4-H youth members, adult 4-H volunteers, and 4-H employees.

Out-of-state 4-H events include, but are not limited to, national project-based contests such as Judging, Skillathon, Bowl, and Communications contests and non-competitive events such as National 4-H Congress.

Effective immediately, to travel within the United States for a 4-H event, Maryland 4-H members, volunteers, and employees must be fully vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19.  “Fully vaccinated” means the one-dose or two-dose vaccine series is complete and 14 days have passed since administration of the last dose.  Individuals who are not fully vaccinated may not travel with a 4-H team or delegation.

  • 4-H youth members must complete a Maryland 4-H Event Health Form and a Travel Clearance form.  The Travel Clearance form must be signed by the 4-Her’s physician.  It will verify the member’s vaccination status and details, as well as the doctor’s recommendation that it is safe for them to travel.
  • Adult 4-H volunteers must complete a Maryland 4-H Event Health form and a Travel Clearance form.  The Travel Clearance form must be signed by the volunteer’s physician.  It will verify the volunteer’s vaccination status and details, as well as the doctor’s recommendation that it is safe for them to travel.
  • Vaccinated individuals who are immunocompromised should carefully consider whether they should participate in any travel.  Immunocompromised individuals are strongly encouraged to consult with their personal physician regarding specific health precautions they should take, if they do travel.
  • All individuals who travel for a 4-H event are required to wear a mask while in transit.  This includes travel by automobile, bus, airplane, and public transportation. Where travel requires overnight lodging, appropriate masking and distancing practices must be observed to support the 4-H travelers’ health and well-being.
  • All individuals who travel for a 4-H event must follow the masking protocols of either UMD or of the host state, whichever is more restrictive.

Delegations and teams are urged to use caution and judgment when considering travel.  Any person who travels related to a University-sponsored event or as part of a University-affiliated organization must follow all current University of Maryland, State, CDC, and federal public health and travel guidance as well as all guidance or requirements established by the travel destination’s organization, entity, city, and state.

I want to thank your continued engagement and support of the Maryland 4-H program. We know that these have been difficult times to navigate for our 4-H families and team members.

However, we remain committed to providing safe and high-quality youth development experiences and opportunities for youth across our state. Have a safe and purposeful school year!


Dr. Nia Imani Fields
Maryland 4-H Program Leader
University of Maryland Extension Assistant Director 

[email protected]

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