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Covid-19 vaccine side effects report in young adults

WebMD, a reputable online medical research and information site reports early data from CDC.

Covid-19 vaccine side effects may be more dangerous to the young people than Covid-19 virus

NBC news network – one of the mainstream networks who strongly encouraged people to get Covid-19 vaccine now also reports these catastrophic early data specifically in young adults.

Experimental vaccine has been launched in January 2021 and Covid-19 rates of infection substantially declined.

The facts suggest that Covid-19 is particularly dangerous for young adults while less side effects has been found with older generation over 65 years of age.

It is unclear why Maryland public universities demand that their students must subject themselves to this dangerous experimental use of COVID-19 vaccine when the recovery rate from Covid-19 among young adults age 18-29 is over 99%.

It is further unclear why young adults suffer from myocarditis, vascular disease and sudden death after receiving Covid-19 vaccine.

CDC cannot confirm that even after receiving Covid-19 vaccine a patient will not contract Covid-19 or transmit to others.

Governors in many states like Arizona, Texas, Florida expressly prohibited forced vaccination of students in their states. Governor Hogan did not address concerned public over Maryland’s public universities’s compulsory experimental vaccination policies.

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