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Maryland’s Eastern Shore in distress – Save Talbot County Boys

Dear Maryland Residents:

I urge all members to email our Talbot County Council Members this week, prior to the Juneteenth Move the Monument protest this Saturday. With the publicity of the recent Federal lawsuit, the Council is getting blasted with emails from out-of-county residents demanding the removal of the Talbot Boys Monument. Be sure to include “Talbot County, MD Resident” in your email.

I urge the Council to vigorously defend the County in the “Talbot Boys” lawsuit.   Removal of a historical monument would offer no relief to the perpetually offended and would set a dangerous precedent for our County, State and Country.   

War memorials are meant to be seen by citizens, not tucked away in a museum or cemetery.  These young men went to war because their community needed them to. The covenant each community makes with its soldiers dispatched to battle is that their sacrifice will never be forgotten. Talbot County must keep its promise to the young men of 1861-1865, through building up, not tearing down.


We must stand against the radical Left cancel culture that is tearing apart our Nation – Please email Council members this week!

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[email protected] (Clerk to the Council)

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