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Joe Rogan has 11x bigger audience than CNN Primetime. LOL.

. @MorganOrtagus corners Adam Schiff on how he put the false Steele dossier, which was sourced from actual Russians for the Clinton campaign, into the congressional record. He can’t handle it, so attempts to undermine her credibility. He failed.

Yikes, @RepAdamSchiff. https://twitter.com/KatiePavlich/status/1458137024028979202

National Report Card is out and the children are failing on all levels: US History, Geography, Math, Science and Language Arts – data for 2019


Numbers don’t lie. Parents need to reevaluate what their children are learning or not learning.

The public schools have become indoctrination centers of left leaning policies focused on the individual characteristics of the minors, like their gender or skin color rather than science and education.

Meanwhile the data showing their educational decline is staggering: only 24% of graduating seniors in 12th grade are proficient in civics. Similar performance is noticed in 4th and 8th grade, so the seniors debacle in learning gap is not a random coincidence.

Only 24% of 12th graders are proficient in math compared to 34% of 8th graders and 41% of 4th graders. Put it differently – 59% of all kids in 4th grade failed math, 66% of all 8th graders failed math and a staggering 76% of the US kids in the 12th grade are not proficient in math!

Anyone surprised? This data is on the National level. Maryland is no. 11 in their students performance – the top-performing public schools are in Massachusetts. Oddly – up until 8 years ago, Maryland public schools were top 3. What has changed?

Let’s see: focus on bathroom policy? Maryland Teachers Union political activism? Teachers becoming extension of the liberal politics? Anti- Trump obsession? But then again the failures in public school education date back to Obama Administration and Common Core. Common core is probably the most severe harm to the students and teachers yet. Countless hours were spent on Teachers training to approach to teaching in a “common core” manner and then applying their own “common core” re-training onto kids.

Over 60% of all US students no matter whether in 4th, 8th or 12th grade failed in Reading – in English by the way.

80% of 4th graders failed US history, 85% of 8th graders failed US history and 88%of 12th graders failed US History. Are you surprised now why overwhelming majority of people believe in Project 1619? For the record-about, 20 slaves who were brought to Jamestown in 1619 were not slaves because the Virginia colony didn’t recognize slavery until 1705 by the passage of the first Virginia colony slave Code.

There is only one county in Maryland that woke up just in time to stop political indoctrination of the minors – Queen Anne County on Maryland’s eastern shore.

The Kent Island Patriots Group of parents didn’t need the National Scorecard to realize the emergency and need to swift action. They elected the new BOE in 2020 and the new BOE just last week announced the new Superintendent.

It will take some time to fix the public schools around the Nation but maybe looking at Kent Island Patriots parents may be the solution we are all searching for!

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