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. @MorganOrtagus corners Adam Schiff on how he put the false Steele dossier, which was sourced from actual Russians for the Clinton campaign, into the congressional record. He can’t handle it, so attempts to undermine her credibility. He failed.

Yikes, @RepAdamSchiff. https://twitter.com/KatiePavlich/status/1458137024028979202

EEOC dismissed discrimination complaint by Queen Anne’s County Superintendent Andrea Kane

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Andrea Kane filed a discrimination complaint in January 2021 with the EEOC Commission.
Queen Anne County Parents responded with strong criticism to Dr. Kane’s 2020 personal political activism during her tenure as the public schools Superintendent calling children to join her in political protests against the police, promoting Black Lives Matter organization and promoting her personal political agenda of the far left in public schools.

Kent Island Patriots, a group of parents, vehemently opposed political activism of dr. Kane and ran a successful campaign during the General 2020 Elections to stop political activism in public schools and any political indoctrination of children while in public schools.

The Patriotic Americans elected Marc Schifanelli, Esq Maryland lawyer and retired Army Green Beret of 22 years, Dick Smith and Helen Bennett a former Marine.

But as soon as the new Board was sworn in, Dr. Kane filed a complaint against the BOE with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Superintendent Dr. Andrea Kane alleged hostile work environment because of her race.

The Queen Anne’s County Board of Education denied the allegations of racial discrimination and retaliation.
This week the EEOC dismissed Dr. Kane’s allegations against the Board of Education.

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