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. @MorganOrtagus corners Adam Schiff on how he put the false Steele dossier, which was sourced from actual Russians for the Clinton campaign, into the congressional record. He can’t handle it, so attempts to undermine her credibility. He failed.

Yikes, @RepAdamSchiff. https://twitter.com/KatiePavlich/status/1458137024028979202


For immediate release 410-745-2303 preservetalbothistory@gmail.com
Preserve Talbot History Statement on Lawsuit to Compel Removal of Civil War Memorial
EASTON, MD May 6, 2021. Yesterday a group of activists and organizations filed suit in federal court to compel Talbot County to remove a 100-year-old memorial to local veterans who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. David Montgomery, speaking on behalf of the Preserve Talbot History organization, made this statement:
“Creating frivolous lawsuits to distract from the real issues facing Talbot families is unwelcome and harmful. We are a hard-working community that appreciates all History and are fortunate to have elected representatives who have made it clear they will not engage in the destruction of our History that means many things to many people.
Talbot County welcomes people from around the globe who come here to experience our natural environment and history, but we draw a line when they tell us how to live, work, and raise our families. We certainly don’t need outsiders telling us how to preserve our History. We will not be divided by these disingenuous outsiders and their hand-picked, local agitators.”
More information about the Talbot Boys memorial and controversy is available at www.preservetalbothistory.org. The website contains original source documents that establish the facts about how Maryland was treated by Federal troops during the Civil War, how and why men from Talbot County enlisted in the Confederate army, and the history of their memorial. These documents establish that this lawsuit relies on false claims about that history.

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